Data Engineering

The foundational side of data analytics, data engineering focuses on analyzing data to create the mechanisms that collect and validate the volumes of information consumed by data scientists, machine learning engineers, and Business Intelligence (BI) experts. Our Data Engineering services support clients in creating, implementing and maintaining the complex architectures of data systems – incorporating everything from analytics-oriented infrastructures to enterprise data warehouses, making quality data available in new ways.

Data Analytics

Good data makes for better analytics and insights. SilverCreek brings foundational knowledge of BI and analytics derived from our expertise in a wide array of tools and processes. The most pressing business challenges require sound decisions based on quality data. Our analytics practice – manifested in our experts, tools and consulting approach – delivers robust solutions for clients. Our agile DataOps methodology identifies high-value initiatives and moves clients toward their goals while implementing foundational data management and BI tools.

Data Governance

We’ve engaged numerous clients to develop the policies, procedures and technologies that enable Data Governance – the methodical oversight of enterprise data assets. These projects are a high priority for organizations desiring trustworthy, quality data and attaining the higher levels of compliance required by regulatory oversight. We’ve developed dashboards to provide data quality insights, created frameworks to identify data issues, tracked the overall health of data and provided executives an easy view with the implementation of best-in-class data tools.


As an agile and collaborative data management practice, DataOps is focused on improving communication, integration and automation of flows between data managers and consumers across an organization. Through DataOps, we prioritize rapid access to data for exploration and discovery by data analysts and business representatives. DataOps focuses on delivering business and data value through internally managed project teams, operating in close collaboration with business subject matter experts, data stewards and data analysts.

DataOps puts you and your business at the forefront of data requirements, embracing daily project interactions with your business. Through DataOps, the swift and responsive provisioning of data into your BI environment becomes an ongoing activity, managed through a modified, agile project approach and supported by an iterative funding model.

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